Name: Ludmila Tarakanova (TARAKANOVA)

Country: Belarus

Brand concept: The designer has always felt at home in the world of men. As a rule, her collections are like encoded mysteries of the world. Men are grateful to her for such treason, because against the existing opinion, they like diversity in clothes and having reached outstanding results in business, science or art remain boys by their nature.


Collection by Ludmila Tarakanova autumn-winter 2013/14 - refined incarnation of the mystery. Designer directs it for creative, charismatic and enigmatic personality, intriguing us.
Unpredictability - a distinctive feature of the protagonist of the new collection. He feels free and confident in TARAKANOVA clothing.
Tarakanova erases the prejudices associated with "unisex" style, doing it easily and unobtrusively. Author's interpretation of this style – a statement contradictory dynamics of our time, redefining the classics. Designer  plays with volume and shape.
Elongated coats, bombers, jackets, suits, waistcoats and cardigans, sweaters and pullovers, trousers different constructions - the main part of the assortiment this collection.
The hero can combine things in an unexpected way  and  look great as at social events and in everyday life, using colorful textures, materials such as tweed and cashmere, wool and velvet,  high-quality knitted fabrics. Cut of clothing is original, sophisticated , but definitely perfect.
Black - gray colour, diluted wine and brown tones is dominated in the collection. Tarakanova hero  has similar features with  characters Fellini film "La Dolce Vita" partly. Incognito says of himself: "Art - my passion."


12, Titova str., loft, Vitebsk, Belarus
Mob.: +375 29 5175 876 (Vitebsk); +7 916 748 63 08 (Moscow)
e-mail: info@tarakanova.com, tarlu@tut.by
Shop Russian Street
Moscow, Bersenevskaya embankment, 8, building 1,
Entrance from the alley Bersenevskaya
(Factory Red October)

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