Concept of Davidova Brand: stylish original design of clothes. Transformation and finish of fabrics, development of original prints patterns, exclusive hand-made work.

Clothes for active, self-assured women who care about their individualities.


Member of the Union of Designers of Belarus.

Have a big experience as a fashion designer at Belarusian light industry enterprises. Meanwhile had an invaluable experience with individual customers, mass products release, mastered the continuous and single-piece print technology.Had an in-depth training at private tailoring shop in Berlin, Germany.

Professionalism of the designer has been repeatedly highly appreciated and awarded at competitions and exhibitions: participant of Belarusian Fashion Week (Minsk) and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia (Moscow), International exhibition CPM (Düsseldorf), CPM (Moscow).

The concept of DAVIDOVA brand. Stylish author's clothes design. Transformation and cloth embossing, work-out of the author's sketches-prints, exclusive handwork. Clothes for the active, confident woman, for her individuality is the main thing.

The female collection (season spring-summer-2015) unites femininity and coquetry, colour play and silhouette range.

Fabric used in the collection: wool, viscose, cotton, silk.

Prints give some special charm to the whole collection. Design is inspired by nature and its dwellers: trees, flowers, fish…!

Footwear was specially designed for the collection.

e-mail: mari-davidova@yandex.ru

тел: +375296999227


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«Belarus Fashion Council»

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