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ALINA ASSI Россия Россия

Name: Alina Assi

Country: Russia

Brand concept: The designer believes that in the era of high-tech when private and social life is very intense women have to be inventive with regard to their appearance, especially when it comes to clothes. Alina Assi’s design helps a woman reveal herself in any circumstances and be stylish and feel comfortable and one of a kind. 

The Fashion house’s collection puts the woman in the atmosphere of luxury and unique design. The mysteries of charm and elusive grace are contained in refined pieces of natural silk and velvet. Embroidery with a golden thread on velvet and silk of deep dark colors embodies elegancy of a fine lady.

As always designer’s collection boasts many silk, satin and velvet pieces of juicy and noble tints, strasses and lace decorations. Alina Assi knows very well how to present women’s figure main strong suits to the best advantage: an emphasis on the waist, a deep décolleté, breathtaking slits reaching hips and a lot of transparent insets by no means will leave any representative of the other gender indifferent.

The collection is inspired by retro with elements of military style. Velvet which is traditionally used by the designer in her collections is combined with other fabrics this season. Silk and chiffon are abundant in the collection. Complex drapes and multiple layers of cloth can be seen in evening dresses as well as in blouses and skirts.