The main founder, inspirer and heart of the brand is Olga Barabanshchikova, a girl who is always happy to share energy, positive, good mood, a young mother with an active lifestyle, a fighter for freedom and animal rights.

I’m sure that every woman and girl is magical, gentle, fragile, unique, but at the same time energetic and strong personality, who, when choosing a wardrobe, needs an individual approach, care, attention and participation of a team of professionals which will help to create an image with love, reflecting the inner and unique world of every lady.

It was a great love for all living things that inspired Olga to create a new collection and update the Candy Lady brand.

Today, many brands urge to boycott natural fur and choose clothes from no less warm, beautiful and high-quality materials.

The updated brand of Olga Barabanshchikova is absolutely happy to be among them and present her unique collection using eco-friendly luxury quality materials that Olga herself personally chooses in Italy. Each image is surprisingly versatile and concise, easily and simply combined with various options for accessories and shoes, sets will successfully fit into the concept of everyday routine and unexpected holiday party.

Olga is convinced that it is possible to look chic and stylish in today's modern world easily and with love in heart not causing harm and pain to our planet.

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«Belarus Fashion Council»

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